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We Are More!

Most Independent Film Companies focus on one thing only, we have been striving to be more!


We Teach What We Learn!

Not everyone has the time or ability to learn through institutions, universities, or other means. We take everything we learn and pass it on to those who are willing to listen, trying to bring the excitement of Film and TV to the generations that follow.


Reaching for the Stars!

We are even willing to work as agents for talent, helping them better themselves, finding them work!

Dark Phoenix Films LLC and PAPA TV: The Future of Port Angeles

Were you aware of a local cable channel?

Channel 21 on Wave Cable belongs to PAPA TV, and we are here to help them change the local programming for the future.


Special Shows

Not only is Dark Phoenix Films LLC working to secure the rights for a specific Intellectual Property they would like to create a series for, but they are also working on custom content owned specifically by them.


Working within the community

Dark Phoenix Films LLC is looking to work with the community to provide local jobs in film and television.