Dark Phoenix Films LLC

Dark Phoenix Films LLC

Dark Phoenix Films LLC began as Eric Phillips Cinematography in 2016. When the founder partnered up with his son to create a joint film company, the name was changed to what it is today. The company received LLC status in 2019. The goal of the company is to create local content using local talent and to teach what they have learned. Providing jobs and giving back to the local community which supports them is what drives the company as a whole.


Eric Phillips, Founder / Co-Owner


Not only am I a graduate with my Bachelors in Digital Cinematography from Full Sail University, I learned Screenwriting from the Masterclass of Aaron Sorkin (A Few Good Men, The American President, The West Wing) and Shonda Rhimes (Private Practice, Scandal, Grey’s Anatomy), Directing from the Masterclass of Ron Howard (Willow, Backdraft, Apollo 13) and Spike Lee (Mo’ Better Blues, Malcolm X), Filmmaking from the Masterclass of Martin Scorsese (The Color of Money, Cape Fear, The Irishman) and Jodi Foster (House of Cards, Orange is the New Black), and I have been taught acting from the Masterclasses of Samuel L. Jackson, Steve Martin, Helen Mirren, and Natalie Portman.



Did we forget to mention our Hollywood connections?

Legion M



The owners of Dark Phoenix Films LLC are also co-owners of Legion M, a Hollywood film studio! Legion M is responsible for the following projects:

  • The Field Guide to Evil
  • Bad Samaritan (Starring David Tennant)
  • Colossal (Starring Anne Hathaway)
  • Mandy (Starring Nicholas Cage)
  • Memory: The Origins of Alien
  • Jay & Silent Bob Reboot (Starring Kevin Smith and Jason Mewes)

There are several more projects underway by the company, including Archenemy (Starring Joe Manganiello), and The Emperors Blades series. You can check out more about becoming an owner yourself by visiting: Legion M