Our Partners




Marble Mountain Films, based out of Vancouver, was the first partnership made by Dark Phoenix Films. Since then, our scriptwriters have helped with the American Mythos web series. Plans are also in place for Dark Phoenix Films to help Produce the feature film Lady of the Lake, a thriller based around true events that happened in Port Angeles Washington.




Peninsula Area Public Access (PAPA) & Community Media Center, Wave Cable Channel 21, is the newest partner for Dark Phoenix Films. PAPA TV is located in Port Angeles in the old firehouse on Lincoln street next to the courthouse. Dark Phoenix Films has become a member and is volunteering time to get the community media center where it needs to be. Once done, they intend to work with PAPA and local talent to find more original programming, and to help teach members of the community more about film and television.


Even though the studio for PAPA is working, the focus is going to be on getting the entire facility up and running. Access to the studio at PAPA is a huge opportunity for Dark Phoenix Films and its future projects.